Singita Grumeti Reserves


Singita Grumeti Reserves is located adjacent to the western corridor of the Serengeti. The area encompasses over 350,000 hectares of unrivaled wilderness, and is home to the famed annual migration—known as 'the greatest wildlife show on Earth.'

Visitors come from far and wide to experience the annual wildlife migration, but even when it's not migration season, many animals are still to be seen roaming the vast plains.

Without a doubt, the Serengeti is one of the most prolific wild areas in Africa. Singita Grumeti Reserves is located adjacent to the Western Corridor of the Serengeti (bordering the national park) and encompasses over 350 000 acres of unrivalled wilderness.

With its enormous skies, wheat-coloured plains and abundant wildlife, a visit to the Serengeti is a lifetime ambition for many travellers. Grumeti Reserves are part of the great annual wildebeest migration route and even when it’s not migration season, herds of gazelle, zebra and giraffe can be found across the plains.

Singita boasts three exclusive properties in Grumeti Reserves, namely Sasakwa Lodge, Sabora Tented Camp and Faru Faru Lodge – all three properties celebrate this incredible landscape.

Sasakwa Lodge

Sasakwa Lodge is situated on top of Sasakwa Hill, adjacent to the Western Corridor of the Serengeti in Tanzania. The property is built in the style of a turn-of-the-century east African ranch house, and every effort has been made to celebrate the spectacular views of the Serengeti plains below.

The interiors celebrate nature and the colours of the bush, yet Sasakwa boasts the elegant feel of a gentleman’s club contrasted with fantastic Venetian mirrors and crystal chandeliers.

At Sasakwa you will find every comfort including delicious meals, award winning wines and a wealth of activities. Sasakwa Lodge is the perfect space to discover the magic of the Serengeti.

Sabora Tented Camp

Situated on the flat Serengeti plains, Sabora Tented Camp has been designed around a 1920s theme and for those who are searching for an ‘Out of Africa’ experience, Sabora will fulfil your every need. This camp offers elegant simplicity and laid-back romance with 360 -degree views of the plains that teem with wildlife.

There are six lavish tents to choose from which evoke the sense of romance and adventure of a temporary camp, whilst offering every luxury you can imagine. Soft canvas separates guests from the elements and interiors are beautifully decorated with European finery, ethnically-inspired objects and campaign furniture.

Imitating a luxury Bedouin tent, this opulent canvas cocoon offers a mix of styles and local influences. The interiors at Sabora Tented Camp are a combination of campaign furniture, anitques and Persian rugs. Here, crystal decanters and brass antiques find their place alongside Masai blankets and traditional beadwork. Silk curtains fram your view onto the plains... Grab a pair of binoculars and look out for a long line of zebra making their way to the watering hole.

At Sabora Tented Camp every effort is made to ensure that your stay is a memorable one. Whether it's enjoying sundowners on the plains long after the sun has gone down, having a warm shower in your luxury tented bathroom, or enjoying a romantic meal for two under the stars as y ou are serenaded by the sounds of the nocturnal wild animals.

Faru Faru Lodge

An intimate property that overlooks a watering hole and the Grumeti River, Faru Faru Lodge has been built in the style of a classic East African safari camp. Here, the local influence is ever-present, inspired by rock formations said to have been left behind by an ancient people. The elevated viewing decks over the watering hole means that viewing game without even leaving the lodge is an option. The Swahili-inspired beach offers the opportunity for some serious rest and relaxation.

Contemporary elements are integrated into the broader natural landscape, where the interior contrast with the wild surroundings creating a marvellou fusion of rustic elegance and first -world design. In true east African style, Faru Faru lodge offers a laid-back atmosphere that allows one to absorb the spectacular surroundings. Furniture combines rustic bamboo, soft linens and raw canvas.

Two swimming pools reflect the watering holes down below and river sand and stepping-stones complete the picture the local influence is also ever-present, inspired by rock formations said to have been left behind by local tribespeople.

At Faru Faru Lodge, all the public areas are open to the outdoor elements. The wild African bush is served up alongside a relaxed breakfast complete with sightings of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and elephant.

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