Savute Under Canvas


Savute, a remote and wild corner of the Chobe National Park, is situated south of the Chobe River. The area's main feature is the mysterious Savute Channel, which flows and dries up seemingly unrelated to the rainfall. Dry and arid for almost 30 years, animals in the area were sustained by artificial waterholes. With the Savute Channel having started flowing again in recent years, the region has undergone a startling transformation, reverting to its natural lush and marshy state. Large numbers of wildlife wildlife have been attracted to this rejuvenated wilderness haven.

Sizable numbers of elephant bulls are invariably present at Savute. Savute also supports the greatest concentration of the king of all beasts - the lion. During the dry years, when prey was hard to find, many of Savute's lion became notorious for hunting elephant. With the recent transformation of the region, prey has become more abundant and the large lion prides have split up into smaller family groups, allowing a greater variety of predators to flourish in the area.

Savute is also a famous battleground for lion and spotted hyena, whose ongoing fight for dominance has been captured in the brilliant National Geographic documentary film Eternal Enemies by Deryck and Beverly Joubert.

Spend nights under canvas close to nature in the wilderness of the African night.

Secluded campsites in the wilderness haven of Savute provide a base for up close and personal adventure and discovery.

Large numbers of elephant can be seen in the area, while lion and spotted hyena vie for dominance in the region. Large herds of zebra, buffalo and tsessebe graze on the wide open plains. With the recent influx of water, large numbers of animals are attracted to the area throughout the year, boosting the region's resident game. Eland, kudu, roan, sable, waterbuck, wildebeest, impala and many other antelope, as well as numerous predators, including leopard, cheetah, African wild dog, spotted hyena, black-backed jackal and bat-eared fox may also be encountered.

Birdwatching is excellent in the Savute area, when flocks of birds are attracted to the standing water in the marshes that occur along the channel. Flocks of the beautiful little carmine bee-eaters mingle with gatherings of storks, while other species include rollers, kestrels, plovers and sand grouse. The kori bustard, notable for being the world’s heaviest flying bird, is commonly spotted in the area.