Welcome To Botswana


Dubbed the Gem of Africa, the Republic of Botswana is situated in Southern Africa, nestled between Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Botswana hosts many splendours, one of which is the world’s biggest inland river delta, the fertile Okavango, which flows into the vast Kalahari Desert . The Okavango Delta is a bird watchers paradise, home to thousands of species of birds, fish, reptiles, predators and mammals and the country’s semi-arid, scrub-covered landscape is a haven for roaming game.

The hunter-gatherer San (Bushmen), the original inhabitants of this rugged country, still lead a Stone Age existence in isolated communities. Botswana's stable economy is thanks to fact that it is one of the world’s top producers of diamonds.


  • Awe-Inspiring Okavango Delta - Can Be Seen From Outer Space
  • Moremi Game Reserve - One Of The World's Most Beautiful Game Reserves
  • Large Producer Of Diamonds
  • Fascinating Culture Of The San (Bushmen) People
  • Chobe National Park – Home To The Largest Elephant Herds In The World
  • Vast Kalahari Desert – Larger Than Switzerland

The Okavango, which originates in the uplands of Angola to the north-west, flows into and then spreads over the sandy spaces of the Kalahari to form an immense and wondrous inland delta of lagoon and labyrinthine channel, palm-fringed island and fertile floodplain. A number of safari lodges and camps have been established in and around this watery wilderness. This wilderness and the nearby game-rich Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park reserves, offer the visitors the best of several worlds, appealing variously to the game-viewer and bird-watcher, the hunter and the sporting fisherman, the explorer of hidden places and the lover of Africa in its loveliest and least spoilt state.

Botswana offers a truly unique African experience untouched by the more destructive pressures of encroaching civilisation, presenting a wonderful wilderness for the enjoyment of all who seek to reach just that little bit further into Africa for a holiday of a lifetime.